Harness Your Energy and Own Your Life.

Are you questioning what you’re doing with your life? 

Do you feel connected to your life purpose but experience obstacles stopping you from fulfilling it?

Does stress, health problems, fatigue, and difficult emotions get in the way of living how you want?

At any stage of life we can get stuck, stressed, or unhappy. Yet, so many people say “I’m fine, I can figure it out myself’ or even deny how much they’re struggling, and they go it alone. Holistic Coaching and Healing supports you to create the life you really want. I have tools that can bring you to a place of joy, peace and true authenticity in life so that you can thrive and share your gifts with the world.

Your past is not your present. Miracles happen every day.

Stop wondering what could be and check out what you can do right now!

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Get Coached. Reach your goals. 

Coaching is one of the most powerful tools for transformation.

Coaching helps people:

  • uncover their life purpose or clarify it further

  • find motivation to reach their goals faster

  • stop playing small and allow more abundance to come through them

  • reveal and clear emotional blocks in the way of the life they want

 Sometimes people feel relatively happy but deep down know a feeling of being stuck. Getting the right support is the fastest way to get clarity on the obstacle in our path and gain momentum in creating the life we really want. Our mindset has so much of the power, when we continually train our mind the results can feel like magic or luck, but there is a science behind that magic.

"Kristin is deeply intuitive and has a gentle loving manner that put me immediately at ease. With her guidance, I have been able to identify and release some chronic painful patterns and bring myself out of a sense of unworthiness and self-judgement into compassion for myself. She also has helped me realise my deep desire for more play-time in my life, where I can set aside time to just 'be me.' I had no idea how disconnected I was from that playful part of myself! I am ever grateful for her inspired and supportive coaching."~ C.L., Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Breathwork, Energywork & Qi Gong

My experience is that when we also integrate Energy Work techniques, people make progress faster because now we’re using a mind-body-spirit approach.

Transformational Breathwork and Energywork techniques (such as Reiki and so much more) are effective because we are all connected to the different energies/vibrations in the Universe. It doesn’t matter what your Spiritual or Religious beliefs are because even science knows - we are energy.

Qi Gong means Energywork. I’m studying Qi Gong under renown Master Mantak Chia and am certified to teach several empowering and transforming Qi Gong Meditations. Do you feel stress, fatigue, or have health issues? Qi Gong increases your vitality and life force energy, opening you up to more creativity! You have an innate ability to heal.

"I've had around 12 sessions with Kristin and each one has been amazing in a different way. She has helped me release tension I've had in my neck for years, and has released spiritual blocks that I didn't even know were there. I've gained a great deal of knowledge of my own energy flow and habits from my sessions with Kristin. She has inspired me to incorporate breathing and movement into my daily life that has improved my outlook and manifestation power. Kristin is also very patient and I find her presence itself soothing, so it is very easy to relax and get into a healing and learning space with here. She has become a valuable part of my life and I hope to work with and learn from her for many years."~ B.R., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


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Feng Shui: Harness the power of your environment

Feng Shui is a way of using your space as a catalyst for deep transformation in every area of life. I am trained in classical Feng Shui and use modern practical approaches as called for. I’m not interested in do’s and dont’s that only create superstition and make a person think that their power lies outside of them. To me, Feng Shui is only helpful if it serves the purpose of extending your conscious awareness - from your mind, to your body, to your entire space. A lot of the books out there simplify Feng Shui into simple maps and 'do's and font's' perhaps because the classical art and science of it is more complex to learn. Classical Feng Shui uses the build year, a compass reading, and floor plan to create a truly dynamic map for how best use the energy moving through your home. I also use Taoist Astrology to decode the colours and decor that will be most balancing for you. Even if you already intuit what feels right for you, you will gain deeper knowledge of yourself from this. But, for a lot of people this is a big 'aha' - information that has been a missing piece in how they can use their home or office as leverage toward creating balance and fulfillment.

"Adding Feng Shui to my current life transition is epic. It's affecting my whole vision of what I have, what my life is for, and how I want to present myself to the world."

~ A.M., Oakland, California, USA

"What I admire about Kristin Short is her deep and comprehensive knowledge of both space and the person who occupies it. Her personal discipline and application shines through all that she shares with you. Few people have the wherewithal to guide others to their own personal freedom and fulfilment; Kristin Short is one of those people. I highly recommend any experience or opportunity that she offers."

~ Hanakia Zedek, Shaman, Minneapolis, Minnesota, US