FREE! The Dreamy Artists' Guide: Discover the fast track to finding and fulfilling your most wild and creative dreams

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Attn. Artists, Writers, & Creative Professionals:

Do you need support on the Artists' path? Is your life and work unfolding in the way you really want?  I have more questions for you:

  • Does indecision, fear, or procrastination stop you from creating your best work?

  • Does stress or fatigue affect your ability to be fully present for your work and your life?

  • Do anxiety, depression, or other negative emotions get in your way of leading a thriving life?

  • Do you encounter drama or a feeling of dissatisfaction in relationships?

  • Do limiting beliefs serve as an obstacle in pursuing your true heart's desire? 

  • Are you tired of working a job that is unfulfilling?


What if this could shift? What if you accessed tools that become allies in creating the life you dream of?

Are you ready to:

  • Cut through confusion and finally live up to your potential?

  • Create and live with the vitality, heart, and abundance that is your destiny?

  • Transform your relationships into an experience of joy, energy, and creativity?

  • Experience a clear connection with your Authenticity and it's connection to your work?

  • Replace obstacles like anxiety and depression with inspiration and creativity?

  • Live in an environment that deeply supports the creation of your art and your dreams?


"What I admire about Kristin Short is her deep and comprehensive knowledge of both space and the person who occupies it. Her personal discipline and application shines through all that she shares with you. Few people have the wherewithal to guide others to their own personal freedom and fulfillment, Kristin Short is one of those people. I highly recommend any experience or opportunity that she offers!"

~ Hanakia Zedek, Shaman, Minneapolis, USA

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3 tools to bring your dreams into reality

as your life unfolds :

Encounter a whole new way of experiencing your space and how it can support your art and dreams. For the home, office, and healing spaces.

Re-energize your work and creativity. Thrive in your relationships. Live a joyful inspired life.

Qi Gong Meditations and Access Consciousness Healing Modality serve as a way to increase positive vitality and release limiting beliefs to align you with your authentic creative abundance. Add fuel to your creative fire.