"Kristin is deeply intuitive and has a gentle loving manner that put me immediately at ease. With her guidance, I have been able to identify and release some chronic painful patterns and bring myself out of a sense of unworthiness and self-judgement into compassion for myself. She also has helped me realise my deep desire for more play-time in my life, where I can set aside time to just 'be me.' I had no idea how disconnected I was from that playful part of myself! I am ever grateful for her inspired and supportive coaching."

~ C.L., Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


"Adding Feng Shui to my current life transition is epic. It's affecting my whole vision of what I have, what my life is for, and how I want to present myself to the world."

~ A.M., Oakland, California, USA


"Kristin has a wealth of practical wisdom and energy gifts that she tailored intuitively to wherever I was on my journey toward recovery from chronic illness as a means of personal growth. She's just a gem! I'm more than happy to highly recommend her!"

~ Cathy, Scotland


"My consultation with Kristin was a nuanced compliment to my life's path. Calling forth currents of prosperity       and progress, her insights were both timely and transformative."

~ O.O., St. Paul, Minnesota, USA


"I've had around 12 sessions with Kristin and each one has been amazing in a different way. She has helped me release tension I've had in my neck for years, and has released spiritual blocks that I didn't even know were there. 

I've gained a great deal of knowledge of my own energy flow and habits from my sessions with Kristin. She has inspired me to incorporate breathing and movement into my daily life that has improved my outlook and manifestation power. 

Kristin is also very patient and I find her presence itself soothing, so it is very easy to relax and get into a healing and learning space with here. She has become a valuable part of my life and I hope to work with and learn from her  for many years."

~ B.R., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


"What I admire about Kristin Short is her deep and comprehensive knowledge of both space and the person who occupies it. Her personal discipline and application shines through all that she shares with you. Few people have the wherewithal to guide others to their own personal freedom and fulfilment; Kristin Short is one of those people. I highly recommend any experience or opportunity that she offers."

~ Hanakia Zedek, Shaman, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


"It felt so great to feel a deeper sense of connection and wholeness throughout my body."

~ C.K., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


"I have worked with Kristin for the past 2 years. I have found her to be gentle, wise, patient, and very intuitive.        She is an outstanding healing professional and I can't recommend her enough."

~ J.K., Minneapolis, Minnnesota, USA


"Kristin guided me through movement explorations that allowed me to ground in my body mind and deepen my awareness of the connection between my emotions and physical body. Throughout our session I felt more free within myself and more conscious of my movements in relation to the space around me. 

Around the time I saw Kristin I was struggling with focus and purposeful direction in my life. Kristin met me with openness, curiosity, an invitation for growth, and an exploration of possibilities, recognising my body as a wisdom-rich resource. 

I not only recommend Kristin as a highly competent and gifted practitioner, I plan on seeing her again as she serves as an important health and consciousness ally." 

~ A.G., Winona, Minnesota, USA


"You have an incredible style through which you provide a great deal of information and suggestions that are easy to absorb and act upon."

~ S.S., St. Paul, Minnesota, USA



"Everybody needs a tune up once in a while, even if the body belongs to a holistic healer. Sometimes you need that additional energy push from a skilled healing professional and I found that help with Kristin. Thank you Kristin for helping me shift my energy blockage both mentally and physically."

~ M.C., Stillwater, Minnesota, USA