How Can Coaching Help Me in the Arts?

To fully explore your creative potential, a commitment to your self-growth and self-awareness is required. Investing in a coach who can assist you with your journey can catapult your growth and release limitations - helping your creative process along further and faster. The physical, emotional, mental, and energetic planes are all needed to access your ultimate potential. I train you in tuning into these planes as well as the connection that exists between them.

  • Are you experiencing creative blocks in your life or work?

  • Do you feel like you're all dreams with no action?

  • Are you at a point where you want to go deeper with your creative work and unsure how?

  • Is it difficult making a living from your creative pursuits? 

  • Do you wish for the right person that you can share all of your creative ideas and work with? Who has the ability to understand you, your work, and how to navigate the next steps?

We live in a culture that is very performance based. Rather than acting from our own depth and truth - our actions are based on outward responses such as praise and rewards from others. When creativity just flows from who you are, it's a much different art than when one is coming from a place where they are creating to receive validation, receive attention, or control a reaction. It takes a willingness to look deeply within and be honest with oneself about our motivation. 


How can one find a place of authentic creativity if they don't continue to cultivate themselves? I help you find your authenticity. After the physical body and energy body releases the false stories of the past - and after all the muck from the new problems that developed from holding onto the stories in the first place - is washed away, we find YOU. We find the you that can just be in a relaxed mind and body, allowing creativity to flow from the Divine within. 


Is life really fun and creative without the drama? Such a funny thought yet it's just this question that surfaces when people start to ponder a more content, balanced, and connected life. When we are resisting alignment with who we truly are, we create many chains and addictions - a.ka. Drama - that will keep us from having peace and will keep us from being where we truly want to be. If you choose to lose the chains that bind you, will you know what to do with your freedom? One entertaining addiction for many is drama. However, the myth stops here: life is actually more fun and enjoyable without drama in the picture.


Unfortunately, many people perceive that great art comes from having conflict and pain in one's life. People romanticise turmoil - especially if the turmoil was in an Artist's life. Some artists fear they won't have a source of creativity if they lose that depression, addiction, or turmoil-filled romance. Real creativity and passion does not come from the high and low states of intense emotions; that is blind passion. Real passion is inspired from a place of joy, peace, and compassion. From this balanced and joyful true passion, we can create our wildest dreams. From this authentic place we can express through our creative endeavors and leave a positive impact on the world. The creativity that springs from this place is an enhanced ability. 


Through holistic methods I will help you align to your authentic be-ing. You will be able to find your true source of healing, creativity, and vitality. This source is your own true nature. By learning to be present in your 'bodymind,' you will not just understand authenticity conceptually, you will live it and be it - feeling its power from head to toe. 


I have a highly intuitive approach as I work with you. My experience in doing coaching, energy work/qi gong, meditation, and movement continue to support me in connecting to my spiritual connection in order to provide an effective and pure service with clarity and an open heart. My lifestyle continues to support the development of my own spiritual journey, intuition, and inhabitance of my physical body and space, which are essential to each other.


We will work on the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of life. Depending on what is called for and what you are interested in, I will choose to use holistic life coaching, energy medicine, breath, sound, movement, and listening to direct the positive shifts at a cellular level. When there is conflict within us, we remain stuck and so we are looking for the shift to happen on a cellular level. When a shift happens at a cellular level that means your whole being has experienced the transformation and not just parts of you. 


I have organised the journey into 8 categories to create a map of the process:

1. Create body awareness

2. Find the body mind connection

3. Renew the spiritual connection

4. Let go of the past

5. Find and embrace your authenticity

6. Discover and deepen clarity around your life/work vision

7. Create the new reality

8. Live the new reality


Even if you've already done work in these areas, there is always more to learn and new growth to experience. 

Living in the now as your Authentic Emanation enables clarity on your life's mission and action to make your dreams a reality. Your authentic be-ing is a bridge to the Divine. Whatever your spiritual connection is to you, it is far easier to unite with this connection when you have learned the difference between your conditioned self which runs on data, old stories, and false beliefs, and your Authentic Self/Authentic Emanation, which is an extension of the Divine. 

Aligning with who you really are and choosing your destiny is the most important journey you will embark in life. Why not start now?

Sessions are done by phone/Skype.

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