Feng Shui for Office and Corporate 


The office environment one works in highly impacts their productivity, well-being, clarity, and success. Many businesses provide a very poor working environment and this is illogical - it goes against the idea of expanding and growing. The solution starts with realizing that our environment affects our ability at work, which effects the success of the entire company. The right attention to our work environment can have a high return on investment. 


Lack of creativity in set up and design, harsh and poorly chosen lighting, and poor air quality are just some of the items that businesses fail to realize affects their prosperity in the end. The poor air and excessive sitting leads to dehydration, fatigue, and poor health - all of which affects one's ability to think clearly, swiftly, and creatively. The lack of creativity in design leads to low inspiration and lack of joy at work, slowing down productivity and quality of work. Poor lighting leads to headaches, irritability, conflict, increased fatigue, and poor functioning.  


The entire office space or corporation benefits from Classical Feng Shui. If your answer is yes to any questions below, let's talk. 

  • Are you struggling with income growth in your business?

  • Do you or your employees need a boost in efficiency and productivity?

  • Are you just starting out in business and want to get off on the right foot?

  • Do you or your employees suffer from health problems?

  • Are your employee or client relationships strained?

  • Do you or your employees feel a lack of inspiration?


Would you like to experience these results?

  • Quicker rises in income

  • The right support and foundations to expand with confidence

  • Increased productivity and efficiency

  • A healthy, inspiring environment that greatly contributes to your success

  • An experience of thriving throughout the office resulting in clarity of decisions and ease of good work

  • Successful relationships occurring both internally and externally

  • A business that is at the cutting edge of what it takes to be successful


Your Feng Shui consultation will consist of 3 or more one hour sessions. I can work via distance by Skype or FaceTime. I do travel with your investment of travel and lodging costs. 


I am happy to communicate and work with your Architect and design team.


Feng Shui for Offices and Corporations is similar to the way I work with homes. To get an idea of what each session entails, visit the Feng Shui for Home page.