A 6 Step Journey to the Feng Shui way of Life

"Adding Feng Shui to my current life transition is epic. It's affecting my whole vision of what I have, what my life is for, and how I want to present myself to the world." 

~ A.M., Oakland, CA.


Follow a 3 session process, of 6 steps, that accurately integrates Classical Feng Shui into your life. 


The 8 Steps: This unique system was developed through observing my own and others' path with Feng Shui. The first time through this process it happens more sequentially. Here's the key ~ Feng Shui is a way of life, which means it's a continuing process with many layers. As you integrate Feng Shui into your life, you will continually re-visit these steps in various order as you simultaneously up-level your life and space. 



~ Step 1: Assessment ~

We begin by touring your space, either in-person or via Skype and photos, and assess where you are now and how you will enter the process. This is where you tell me what you like and don't like about the space, as well as how you are experiencing your life in 8 specific areas. As you explore the 8 areas of your life you uncover what you want, which areas are lagging behind and slowing the boat, and what the clues are to aligning with who you really are and how you want to experience life. 


~ Step 2: Connect to and Clear Your Space ~

Everything in the universe has a vibration, a rhythm. Rarely do we pay attention to the rhythm that our space and the items in it have. Everything we surround ourselves with affects us and everything serves as a symbol, or metaphor. You will begin to understand your space and what is in it in a whole new way. You will begin to use space clearing as a method for creating an atmosphere of positivity and vitality. Just like the physical space itself can get dusty and messy, so can the energy in the room. 



~ Step 3: Learn and Implement your Auspicious Element and Lucky Directions ~ 

Everyone LOVES this step. It really is so much fun. Based on your birthdate, time, and place of birth, I use Taoist 4 Pillars Astrology (an integral part of Classical Feng Shui), to uncover your Auspicious Element. You will find that integrating this element into your life is highly balancing and gratifying. Also based on your birthday, your Lucky Directions will help you navigate furniture arrangements based on Feng Shui principals. Your auspicious element and lucky directions are tools you carry with you wherever you live. The Auspicious Element and Lucky directions can be uncovered for each member of the household or office.


~ Step 4: The Clearing and Visioning Continues ~

Both physical and energetic clutter must be tended to for a space to truly transform. There is no one way to be organized or clear clutter and some thrive more in chaos, where others flourish in neatness and order. We will continue to get in touch with how to clear your space and how to transform it into a space that truly supports your growth and expansion into your true be-ing. 



~ Step 5: Map the Space: using a compass, floor plan, and classical methods ~ 

Could this get any more fun?! YES, even more fun comes in session 3!!! Here's where we take it to the maps. You could think of these maps as a sort of astrological report for your space. I'm NOT talking about predicting your future - you are creating that this very moment. These maps will help you navigate, become a smarter sailer in life, and create a space that deeply supports you and your dreams. 


~ Step 6: Implement Feng Shui Suggestions based on your space's unique map ~ 

What would a map be if we didn't implement its suggestions? You will refer to these maps for as long as you live or work in this space. Even if your current space feels 'temporary.' Implementing Feng Shui in your current space is what will catapult you into the home or office you envision. Given my training as an artist and a Feng Shui consultant, you can take advantage of my eye for paint colors, lighting choices, and art and furniture choice and layout.

Even if we never Feng Shui your place together, I hope I inspire you to step into the powerful support that a well created space can provide. The environment matters.