What Does it Take to Pursue Your Dreams?

What does it even mean to have dreams in the first place? Having a dream is about getting in touch with your Spirit and your truth and going where you heart wants to take you. Your life, out the outside, could look very similar to your neighbours, yet the way you live it is different if you come from a place of meditative contemplation each day. 


Most people are settling. Settling for living at far less than their potential. They are shrinking to avoid making others feel insecure around them. Or, they have let others define who they are and now they don't know how to shine their light. Or/and, they are accepting what others have exampled - not believing in themselves and their true path or that it's even possible to manifest their heart's desire. 

Maybe you hold a vision; a vision of how you express your essence and as you express your essence you are naturally also contributing to the world in a positive way. How do you react to the idea of actually taking steps toward making this vision a reality? Does that scare you? Excite you? Daunt you?

The first step is doing it scared. Doing it even though your mind want to convince you your not ready. Open your heart to your true path and surrender. The surrender will take you through the fear barrier each time. Grace will catch any fall. Fear will never stop showing up along the way, so just get used to looking it in the eye and gently passing it by. 

Now that you have no excuse not to take action, what else is left? Simply surround yourself with enough support. Simple, yet most people are missing the support piece and that is how they loose fuel or hit a block. Don't fall for the "I can go it alone" mentality. Be honest with yourself about who much support is really needed. Find friends and teacher who inspire you and who can encourage you and guide the way. Don't let the idea of investing in support become an excuse. Your never too young, old, or 'accomplished' to bring in mentors and teachers. Teachers serve as a mirror and can show you aspects of yourself that are blind to you at the moment. They can show you where your stuck so that you can move forward faster.

If you love who you are enough, you'll reach a place where you will always be surrounded by a support network of amazing teachers and friends. The right people will appear into your life easily - like magic. If you love you enough, you will be honest with yourself about what your dream really is and what you've done, not done, and could be doing now to live that dream. How do you find love for your own Divine Essence? Choose it. Bring it to your path as one of your dreams until you cultivate it as a reality. In order to truly love others, we must love our own Divine being because we are actually all connected, we are one. In order to truly fulfil our potential, we must love our existence enough to step into the fullness of our capabilities. 

Discipline. Do you have it? Your dream is a lost cause without it. How do we cultivate discipline? Start by keeping your eye on the ball. Don't get sidetracked. Hold the image of your dream in your mind, heart, and whole auric field every day - all day! From discipline, the time is now. When you combine discipline and love, you firmly and gently talk to the conditioned self voice that says, "I can't" or" I'll do it later." When you truly desire to bring discipline with love into your life, you will automatically know how to carry out each day, and you will do it with courage and focus. 

Attitude. Are you willing to really watch it? Adjust your attitude when needed just like the chiropractor adjusts the spine! Focus your mind on your successes and what you are thankful for or what you can celebrate. When we focus on gratitude we send a message that we are willing and open to accepting even more good fortune into our life. On the contrary, when we focus on the negative, then that is the lens we are seeing out of and we will only see more and attract more negative circumstances. 

Will you choose to have what it takes? Will you pursue your dreams now? Please share your dreams with me below!

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