The Top 10 Packing List for the Holistic Traveler, Part II

Let's dive right into part II of the packing list for healthy happy travels:


6. Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil

My favourite use for this little bottle of oil is to put on skin blemishes twice a day. It helps so much. Lavender is cleansing and so you can also apply it to a cut and it can soothe a burn. Not to mention if your stressed, you can have a smell of lavender and calm yourself. There are several therapeutic brands out there, a few names are Veriditas, Floracopeia, and Young Living. 


7. New Skin Liquid Bandage

The liquid bandage is available in a very small bottle for travel. It's great to have on hand for any cuts, blisters, hangnails, or calluses. (You know, for those blisters from wearing those shoes that you pretended would be fine to walk in all day ;) ). It's waterproof and useful if you're hiking, playing sports, or are a musician.

8. Herbs

While you're not going to pack a whole pharmacy, you will really thank yourself if you bring a few small bottles of herbs for issues you know you are prone to. For example, a bottle for if someone is getting a cold, one for a bladder infection...whatever you know you want to have on hand immediately for things that can be zapped with herbs on the spot and then won't ruin your travels. I just use Chinese herbs and they are so effective, and not as hard on the body as a lot of common over the counter medicines.


9. Theives Essential Oil

This oil is a combination of clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary. It can be rubbed on the gums three or more times per week to prevent your body from having any problems with the new bacteria that lives in that far away land you've journeyed to.


10. Inflatable Cushion for Back Support

For that long plan or car ride: The Back Vitalizer can be purchased from It's an inflatable rectangular shaped pleather/mesh pillow. You only need the smallest amount of air in it. For long trips it has been worth it - I was so much more comfortable with this behind my back. If you drive around in your home city, you can keep it in the car as well. 

That's the list. Happy Trails . . .and please share your packing essentials below!

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