The Top 10 Packing List for the Holistic Traveler ~ Part I

As I continue to look for ways to travel that support my health and vitality, I have got quite a system down for packing. It doesn't necessarily involve traveling light, more importantly it involves traveling smart. You see, when I travel my intent is to learn and grow and how can I do that if I am imbalanced or in poor health from the travel?

I am bringing this list to you in 2 parts, so that it's most digestible. Here is part I of the amazing TOP 10 ITEMS TO PACK - always:

1. Your own food on the airplane

The food served on the airplane is of very low quality (not to mention poor taste). On top of that you are squished in tight with many people, some of them coughing and sneezing. Bringing you own food is key to staying healthy and less jet lag. Everything we put into our bodies matters, especially at times when our sleep is compromised and we are adjusting to a new clock. 

It may seem daunting to pack your own meals, yet it becomes quite simple and easy. Buy 3 lightweight plastic containers that will lock/are air-tight so that they don't spill in your bag. Depending on how long your flight is, one of your carry on bags may be mostly food. 

Think it terms of meals. For example: 1. Salmon and green beans. 2. Chicken and parsnips. 3. Beans and vegetables with rice. You will need at least one non-meat meal as it will stay fresh longer. The meat meals you may want to eat earlier. Of course this all depends on the length of your flight. I brought 3 meals and snacks with me on the long flight from Minneapolis to Thailand. If you didn't finish packing early enough and don't have time to cook, order to-go from a local health restaurant and transfer the food to your containers. Just remember to keep all sauces separate in a travel sauce container and then in a ziplock bag with your other liquids. 


2. Therapuetic Grade Lemon Essential Oil

Buy brand such as Veriditas or Young Living which of therapuetic grade and that is key. Anytime you want to enhance your water, you have lemon on-hand. Lemon will help maintain and balance your overall health as well help purify low quality drinking water. 


3. Baby Bliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium Travel Hairdryer

Seriously! This hairdryer is amazing. It has dual voltage so that you can use it in many different countries. It is also super tiny and light as a feather. Last but not least, it has Ionic technology, which means it leave your hair looking much more healthy and less frizzy than other hairdryers. Hotel hairdryers are much more damaging and frizz-inducing. The Babybliss cost $27 USD on Amazon.


4. Travel Neti Pot with Salt and Solution

The plastic travel Neti Pot will save you many times. After the stuffy airplane air or after touring a polluted city, washing you nose will feel amazing. In Mexico city, I had back stuff coming out of my nose when I washed it - because of the pollution! And when I arrived in Thailand, I just need to use the Neti Pot to clear my breathing after the long plane ride. So grab a travel Neti Pot and fill a little container with non-iodized salt. Also consider grabbing the Himalayan Chandra Netiwash Plus solution, a very soothing and moisturising blend of essential oils to add in with the salt. 


5. The Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

This has been the most effective natural deodorant stick for me and many others I know. And it conveniently comes in a super teeny travel size for about one dollar! The deodorant stick is made of natural mineral salts and you simply moisten and apply. 


There you have it, the first 5 of the TOP 10. Part II coming soon . . .

Tell me about your secrets to traveling healthy!


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