The History of Feng Shui and Why it Works

People are affected, for better or for worse, by their environment and by the layout and orientation of their surroundings. This is the observation that Feng Shui evolved from.

Each hill, building, window, wall, and corner will interact with the elements in a different way depending on which direction they face. Feng Shui literally translates to Wind Water - two elements that highly affect our surroundings. Nature reacts to changes in it's landscape and those changes affect humans. Early Feng Shui practitioners noticed that some surroundings were more fortunate than others. When we take into account the ways we can harness the forces of the elements when building, we use natures forces as leverage for a fortunate life.

Changing our physical environment can change the vibrational energy of the space. However, humans over time have lost this sensitivity to the energetic world, the world of vibration. The way we build, set up, and decorate our home reflects this clouded sensitivity as so many homes and offices are out of tune with any rhythm and the way the structure interacts with nature is totally ignored. The greatest initial insight into Feng Shui is to understand that there is a relationship between matter and energy/vibration.

Feng Shui is like the esoteric link between architecture and interior design. Feng Shui involves theories of the I Ching, Traditional Chinese Medicine, symbols, space clearing, sacred geometry, and Taoist Astrology. The things we see as magic in life actually have a real science  behind it. We have a great deal of power as a driving force in the direction of our lives. In ignoring our home, office, and the structures we build, we are missing out on a catalyst for fortune and blessings.

Here are 3 simple steps to getting started with Feng Shui that anyone can do:

1. Begin to honestly assess your clutter and start clearing it. 

2. When you walk into your space after leaving it, take a moment to look around, smell, and feel with fresh senses. Does the space feel full of positive vitality? If not, what can you do to create positive vitality in the space?

3. Bring in fresh energy with fresh outside air, healthy plants, vents (and less air conditioning), and get rid of chemical smells from toxic housecleaning supplies or air fresheners, just use naturally made scents.

I'd love to hear how you are integrating Feng Shui, please share below :).

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