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When is CLUTTER Holding Us Back?

Feng Shui talks a lot about clearing your clutter. But what does this mean? Why does it matter? Does Feng Shui mean everyone’s home and closet will look exactly the same? (No, of course not.) Let me start with a story . . .


One day, when I was in the midst of getting my Feng Shui certification, a local neighbor of mine - a newly retired man in his early 60s’ - was very curious about Feng Shui and said, “I do know one thing about it, they advise you on clutter. Do you have clutter?” I responded that no, I don’t have clutter actually. Also, I make a frequent point to clear what I no longer need, or what doesn’t serve me or bring me joy. He looked at me with surprise. Oftentimes, when we are just so used to life being a certain way and haven’t really thought much about it - in this case, being used to living with a lot of material clutter, we sometimes imagine that this is what it’s like for everyone. Conversely, the opposite can happen when we spiral into self-pity and get hyper-focused on a negativity in our life - the self-pity enables us to think (quite falsely) that we are the only one’s going through this pain or situation and that no one else could understand. Well, back to my semi-retired neighbor: You see, after the surprise of learning that I didn’t live with clutter . . .

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The History of Feng Shui and Why it Works

People are affected, for better or for worse, by their environment and by the layout and orientation of their surroundings. This is the observation that Feng Shui evolved from.

Each hill, building, window, wall, and corner will interact with the elements in a different way depending on which direction they face. Feng Shui literally translates to Wind Water - two elements that highly affect our surroundings. Nature reacts to changes in it's landscape and those changes affect humans. Early Feng Shui practitioners noticed that . . .

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Space Clearing for the New Year, Season ~ or any New Start

It's simple, stagnant energy can build up in our space. The energy in our space needs a cleaning just as much as our space need a physical cleaning. Imagine never cleaning your home or office and what that would feel like. It's much the same with the energetic vibrations of your space - that needs a cleaning too.

Your space's energy is reflective of the energy and feelings you bring to the space most often. If you are relaxed and joyful in your space, it will be felt in the air and ambiance the minute one enters. 

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