Space Clearing for the New Year, Season ~ or any New Start

It's simple, stagnant energy can build up in our space. The energy in our space needs a cleaning just as much as our space need a physical cleaning. Imagine never cleaning your home or office and what that would feel like. It's much the same with the energetic vibrations of your space - that needs a cleaning too.

Your space's energy is reflective of the energy and feelings you bring to the space most often. If you are relaxed and joyful in your space, it will be felt in the air and ambiance the minute one enters. If there are a lot of experiences of difficult emotions in your home, such as anxiety or depression, you will need to do more clearing.

You can also use space clearing to set an intent for what kind of energy you choose to permeate the space. This intention will help to set the tone of the space and will serve as a reminder to bring this energy to the space each time you are there. I remember during one home I lived in, I would enthusiastically (and internally) declare, "this is the most beautiful and peaceful space!" each time I entered. When I head guests, they were in awe of the positive energy they felt there. Of course, at the beginning of this practice, this is easiest to implement most quickly in a small space with few roommates. Your intent can also motivate you to keep vitality and positivity in each room by keeping it clean and organised, and by placing special items there. 

There are many creative ways to clear the energy in your home or office. This article will help you get started. You can make it into a very special ceremony, which I would recommend for the New Year and perhaps each season - even each month if you like. A ceremony would take around 30 minutes, depending on the size of the space. When you are doing a daily space clearing, to maintain the positive energy, it doesn't need take more than 5 or 10 minutes. 

Let's begin:

1. Gather the right tools:

~ Sage, Juniper, or Cedar, packed as a bundle/wand or for a smokeless option, a clearing spray containing sage or flower essence

~ A bell such as a Tibetan brass bell or a gong

~ One or more candles. (Remember than paraffin wax candles are quite harmful to breath, so buy candles made of coconut, soy, or beeswax.)

2. Do a nice deep cleaning and organising within a week of the clearing ceremony. Cleaning is a form of space clearing. 

3. By now you many have some clarity of your intentions for the New Year or Season and the kind of energy that will help support your space. To deepen this clarity and give form to your dreams, try an exercise like writing 'as if' all of these dreams are taking place right now. For example: "My home is clean and organised and stays this way so easily. I feel such a positive joyful energy here. This energy has supported the fact that I am now living my life purpose every day. It's so grounding and fulfilling to care of myself each day by cooking healthy meals and tending to my life's purpose."

4. Set a day and time where the home will be quiet and the only people in the space will be those doing the clearing. Animals like dogs may be best outside or off the property. Cat's respond to the negative energy (that you are clearing) differently - it does not affect them so much and are perhaps able to remain more balanced around negative energy than dogs. Dog's may absorb/take on negative energy, where a cat will just eat it as a snack ;). 

5. Take a shower with unscented products and wear clean clothing that you can wash again after the clearing ceremony is done. 

6. Use the sage or clearing spray to clear yourself and then ask for and visualise a golden light around you as protection from any negative energies. 

7. Put yourself in the right mind-space with at least a 20 minute meditation. 

8. Start the ceremony: light the candle and light the sage or grab your flower essence spray. Go around the room with it and visualise any dark coloured energy leaving the space. Make sure to get corners (high and low) and under table and chairs. Also, don't just go along the mid-level. Bend down to clear near the floor and raise your arm up to clear near the ceiling. 

9. Use a blessing prayer. Stand in the center of each room to say it. You may use this one I have written, or write your own:

May this home, the land, and all it's occupants be blessed.

May they have great health, love, joy, and ease here. 

May the stagnant energy of this home and land be cleared. 

Let this dark coloured and stagnant energy be taken far away and recycled.

Let a golden light fill this home and the borders of the land.


May this home, the land, and all it's occupants thrive with positive vitality.

May we continue all year to cultivate the energy of love, health, joy, and prosperity.

May we realise that life can be easy and each day's outcome is our choice.

Let a gold light fill this home and surround the border of the land.

Bless this home and it's land, we are so grateful. 


10. Go around the rooms again, using a bell or clapping. Make sure to get the corners and all levels again. Visualising any left negative energy leaving and visualising positive energy coming in. Keep a smile on as you see all the joyful and peaceful energy you are creating in the home. Clear yourself again with the sage or clearing spray. 

I would love to hear your experiences with clearing your space!

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