Emotions: The Reaction to a Belief

Have you ever considered that emotions are a reaction to a belief?

Emotions begin with immediate physical sensations in the organs whose message then reach the brain, the muscles, and finally the nervous system - where they then officially become the reaction to a belief that the nervous system holds until it learns otherwise. 

Your organs carry your emotions - the first places they reside in the body are the heart, liver, kidneys etc. Within each organ there are information molecules produced by the cells of the organ itself. The information cells in these organs will always communicate with the brain, (also an organ). Once the emotions information reaches the brain it goes to the muscles, which will then respond according to the emotion: "We feel angry, it's time to bulk and tense the upper back and neck muscles to show it!" or "I'm scared" and the muscles respond by raising the shoulders to the ears or locking the knees. If specific emotions are frequently present the muscles will remain frozen in these positions. This is body language. While everyone holds a different belief system underneath the way they carry and hold their body, there is a similar response across the board, in the body relative to each emotion that gives clues to what is felt. After seeing that a particular emotion may be held in a certain area of the body, one can then dialogue with the Bodymind to find out what belief system is in place that feels it is necessary to choose an unwanted or overly destructive emotion. For example, a belief like, "If I don't get angry, I won't be heard." 


Emotional energy's ultimate use is for creativity and expression. We create emotions in order to survive, live, and communicate. If our ability to feel our range of emotions is lacking, we will not be able to eliminate past belief systems that we've outgrown and no longer desire. The result of these suppressed emotions is less energy to use toward creativity and connecting to our authentic being (who we really are). What stories are you carrying today that no longer serve or empower you? What are the emotions that are held with those stories?

How can you safely express the emotion while releasing the story? Perhaps you will consider heading over to your meditation cushion. You will sit down and look that emotion and the story right in the face. You will allow yourself to feel right there all the painful feelings that are tied to the story. You let the emotion leave - maybe with a breath, a sigh, a sound, tears... Now that you have felt the hard emotion, can you look at the story and see it for what it is? A belief you have carried. Look at this belief. Is it true? Does it benefit to keep it? Is there a new way you can see the situation? What is the lesson?

If you've had an experience of how your emotions are connected to the health of your body,  I'd love to hear!

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