Anxiety Cure: Let Go of Control and Open to Divine Gifts from the Universe

I believe that most of us are receiving just the tiniest percentage of the gifts the Universe has to offer.

The number one reason for this? We have such a hard time letting go. We are too often trying to be in control. And what happens when we are trying so hard to control a situation? We hold tight, we manipulate, we lose sight of being an observer and soon enough we can't see straight. 

What happens when we let go? A space is created - a space for possibility. This openness to possibility allows us to communicate with the Universe (or the Divine, or God ~ depending on your spiritual connection). We can feel open to what we'd like to receive, as well as be open to the divine timing as well as signs that our desire isn't in our best interest after all. 

Then, we can come from a place of allowance. We allow life to unfold at the pace that is most beneficial to us and anyone else involved in the situation. When you function from allowance, everything is simply an "interesting point of view." When you are in a place of allowance, you gain clarity on all the areas of your life where you are either aligning with the flow of the Universe or resisting and reacting to emotions and experiences. 

Here are 5 signs you are resisting the wisdom and abundance of the Universe - and therefore being a control freak! ; )

1. You are experiencing relationships where each of you are trying to dominate or manipulate the other. 

2. You are experiencing a lot of tension or anxiety in your body. (Let it go). 

3. You often see things in terms of good or bad, right or wrong. (You may have to look at yourself very closely and honestly to observe this).

4. Daily life often feels like another case of 'trauma and drama."

5. You feel resistant to other options than the one or two you have in mind. 

Let's look at 5 ways you can start releasing control and truly start trusting the Universe:

1. Empower yourself with a question such as: "What could I do, believe, or feel that would make my life, or this situation better or different right now?

2. Forget the pain of past situations. Just remember love and lessons learned. That is all you have to carry and when you carry just that, it's a very light load. 

3. Remember that when something isn't true it will feel heavy. When something is true it feels light. Use this as a tool to gauge whether you are stepping into false beliefs or seeing to truth of a situation.

4. Remain an observer of your life. When you get caught up in attachment to outcomes or uncomfortable emotions, you have stepped out of the observer's seat. 

5. Life on the Earth, or stand with you feet firmly on the floor, extending your roots down into the Earth.  Just stand or lie and breath in and out of your belly. The Universe always has your best interest at heart - it is safe to trust and breath. 

How are you learning to let go and receive from the Universe? I'd love to hear!

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