5 Ways to Open to Your Life Purpose

For a number of years I struggled with making a decision and stepping into action toward my life purpose. Let me tell you, it is NOT necessary to spend years in the dark in regard to your life's path . . . all the while missing out on the ways you could be living each day with fulfilment and an authentic life path of your choosing. The funny part is, I really knew all along what destiny I wanted to choose. Indecision was just my conditioned self's way of holding me back in order to stay where I was comfortable - even if that comfort zone was painful. Committing to bringing my gifts out into the world and all of the vulnerability that comes with it was scary to my conditioned self. Finally, when I began to dialogue with this conditioned part of me, my Authentic self was able to step into the driver's seat. 

One's life purpose is their own unique creation. Here are 5 ways you can begin to open to the deep knowing within as to your life's purpose:


1. Start to notice the difference between your conditioned self and your authentic self/be-ing.

Listen to your self-talk. The more you practice listening, the clearer you will hear. When our conditioned self is speaking it will be coming from emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, sadness, anxiety, or worry. When we are open to our Authentic self, our thoughts and actions come from a place of joy, love, passion, peace, and creativity. Gently dialogue with your conditioned self, realise the false thinking and find the truth, which will come from your Authentic self and is also in direct alignment with your Spiritual connection. It's quite tough to step into our dreams when our conditioned self is running our life. 


2. Get in touch with the activities that you were most passionate about as a child.

Make a list or even a journal of all the topics and activities you were passionate about as a child. I find that big clues to our life's path are revealed in the passions we choose around the ages of 7 and 14. This is a first and crucial step to connecting the dots to the life path of your dreams. 


3. Take responsibility for knowing who you are.

Start to realize and see your beautiful essence and learn to truly love yourself. Confusion and excuses are the conditioned self's way of hiding out and not moving forward in life. Without deep self love, we cannot support and care for ourselves enough to create our true dreams and live as big and full as our heart's desire.


4. Let go of the past and ideas that 'it's too late now.'

It's never, NEVER, too late to step into your life purpose - even your biggest wildest dreams. Our life purpose never 'retires' and passionately expressing our essence until we leave this body is one of the top secrets to a very long and healthy life. Let go of the past and the regrets, listen to your heart, and take a step forward. 


5. Take time to explore and hold yourself accountable for forward action.

It's important to have an exploration time before we commit to a path. However, many people stay in this exploration phase for unhelpfully long amounts of time. In the end, one must lovingly hold themselves accountable for their life, what occurs in it, and that they are in charge of their destiny. 


I'd love to hear how you are opening up to your life purpose. Please share below :).

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