5 Signs You're NOT Dreaming Too Big

If you have a big dream you may have been told from a young age that you are unrealistic and then felt pain from a lack of support for the visions you naturally have for your life. The more you expressed your desires and ideas and they were rejected, the more you shut them down. You then likely took in false beliefs about yourself, perhaps around being unrealistic or incapable, that were self-limiting and served to stop you from expanding fully into your vision.

The key is getting in touch with the dreams that come from your Spirit and will support the full expansion of who you are. Having a big vision doesn't mean that we think we are 'more important' or that we need to be on an ego trip about it. As with anything, we benefit greatly from checking in with our motivation. What's the motivation for your desire? When our motivation involves the expansion of our authenticity and our Spirit, as well as how we can benefit others, we can trust it's pure. We can also then trust the dream and trust that action toward fulfilling the dream will be fully supported by the Universe. 

What are 5 signs you are NOT, (not), dreaming too big?

1. You've had a vision for some time now that is quite nagging. You may even want to forget about it because it feels daunting, scary, or like too much work. However, there it remains, a constant whisper from the ethers. Don't ignore that whisper. 

2. You're fighting with voices from within that say you can't do what you really want to. The voices that say you can't do what your heart desires are simply false beliefs that you've let in. You've let yourself be repeatedly open to false input from others and/or from your conditioned self. You're letting beliefs that come from a place of fear or insecurity affect you. Let these go. Look them straight in the eye and see them for the illusion they are. You will realise that they have no power or truth and they will then dissolve. 

3. Whenever you're feeling truly like you - your dreams feel so authentic and possible! Have you noticed moments, either often or not, where you feel expansive, empowered, and truly connected to your spirituality? Have you ever noticed how much feels possible in these moments? You have a sense in these moments you are infinite and limitless. You feel a creative surge and so much inspiration to take steps toward your hearts desire. Then later, you don't realise that you've let yourself unplug from source, and there you are feeling like all those truths you were just recently experiencing was just a silly high. That was an experience of how you're meant to expand and of your authenticity. It is what happens when you are connected to your divine connection. Now you know. And now you can call yourself on it when you've let yourself disconnect from Source and then get back on the track you truly what to be on!

4. You're in-debt, over-weight, or depressed. When our energy is not allowed to be expressed positively and expand in that direction, it still needs somewhere to go. So, it goes to the negative pole and that can manifest as weight, dept, and depression to name a few expressions. Sometimes these 3 expressions are a sign that we are hiding form our true heart's desire and are manifesting things that will hold us back. Money trouble, weight issues, depression, and anxiety seem to be people favourite obstacles to take on. It can feel so real to experience these obstacles that they sabotage one's resources, confidence, and inspiration; so if you want to hold yourself back, they are great avenues. Shed some light on the truth of how you've manifested this and you can begin to find your way out and choose to express your energy positively. 

5. You've been repeatedly to you're unrealistic. This takes us back to what I wrote at the beginning of the article. When you were young you were open and connected. You didn't realise that some people may not understand you. You didn't comprehend that when some people get older, they feel their dreams are unfulfilled, they shut their hearts down. So, you opened your heart's desires to everyone and not everyone had the capacity to support you, because of their own wounds. You took this to heart. You believed their wounded stories sometimes. You then started to protect your own heart around everyone, instead of learning to tune in to who you could trust and just share with them. Get in touch with that young child within you. Explain to them what happened and that you are safe now to choose who to confide in. Explain that you are safe now because you are aligning with the truth you receive from your Spiritual Connection and nothing else. 

Now it's time to let go of old stories of why you can't do this or that and begin to follow your dreams. Let go of trust issues that are holding you back. You come from the Divine and are full of gifts for the world to receive. When you don't share these gifts, it can only lead to discontent. Give your trust to the Divine and move forward with what your heart says. It's never too late to do this.

I'd love to hear what your dreams are! Please share below so that I can support you!

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