When is CLUTTER Holding Us Back?

Feng Shui talks a lot about clearing your clutter. But what does this mean? Why does it matter? Does Feng Shui mean everyone’s home and closet will look exactly the same? (No, of course not.) Let me start with a story . . .

One day, when I was in the midst of getting my Feng Shui certification, a local neighbor of mine - a newly retired man in his early 60s’ - was very curious about Feng Shui and said, “I do know one thing about it, they advise you on clutter. Do you have clutter?” I responded that no, I don’t have clutter actually. Also, I make a frequent point to clear what I no longer need, or what doesn’t serve me or bring me joy. He looked at me with surprise. Oftentimes, when we are just so used to life being a certain way and haven’t really thought much about it - in this case, being used to living with a lot of material clutter, we sometimes imagine that this is what it’s like for everyone. Conversely, the opposite can happen when we spiral into self-pity and get hyper-focused on a negativity in our life - the self-pity enables us to think (quite falsely) that we are the only one’s going through this pain or situation and that no one else could understand. Well, back to my semi-retired neighbor: You see, after the surprise of learning that I didn’t live with clutter, he got inspired. Inspiration is just about one of the greatest gifts we can open up to. Because in the midst of inspiration - wow! We forget all obstacles, we connect to the bigger picture, and we get a burst of energy. This man then spent to next few weeks in an energised and enthusiastic purging of his clutter!!! Clutter dating back as much as 30 years old was getting packed up and moved out and he couldn’t stop raving about how happy he was to clear it. 

Here’s the secret, life is made of symbols and metaphors. When we tune into these symbols and metaphors, we find mirrors, mirrors reflecting something specific about our life and the world we’ve built around us. If we choose to look in these mirrors we will receive nuggets of wisdom, get advice, and learn about the nature of the universe. One can choose to ignore these symbols and metaphors, because it does take quite a lot of conscious attention in life to tune into them. It also takes a willingness to be honest with ourselves. However, tuning in to these and really listening to what life is telling us - that is a huge factor if one is going to go to the heart of who they are, why they are here, and what their potential truly is in this life. And hey, if you don’t want to do that ‘step into your full authenticity thing’ -  that’s okay! But you probably wouldn’t be reading this article to begin with if that was so.

One big source of symbols and metaphors in our life is our living environment (as well as our office/work environment). Let’s make this clear right away, this has nothing to do with judgement; everyone has a special gift to offer and some of us simply have built blocks in our path due to the way we’ve created our environment. 

Material clutter equals emotional clutter. Hands down. There is no way around that truth. When we donate, sell, and dispose of what no longer serves us or brings us joy, we feel lighter. The action of clearing the clutter can only come because we first have the desire to open space for something new in our life. In general, clearing clutter opens us up to more money. We never see wealthy homes filled with clutter, because it’s the spaciousness that leaves room for more abundance to come in. Specifically, when we clear our kitchen we open to more health, we can clear our bedroom to open to better sleep and more romance, our closet to to up-level our appearance, our living room to receive more friends and better relaxation time, our office to open to more prosperity, opportunity, and productivity. 

No obstacle comes from outside of us. Each one is directly tied to a belief. What beliefs might your clutter be tied to? And if you feel resistance to clearing the clutter in the way of your life path, what belief is that resistance tied to? These beliefs are just interesting points of view. A belief that clearing clutter will be ‘hard’ or ‘take too much time’ is a choice to make it feel hard and a choice to focus on the work of it rather than on the magical opportunities that the clearing opens us to. So the root of the resistance is usually actually a fear of these new and good things in our life!!! Even good changes bring us out of our comfort zone and our conditioned self will resist that. But if we recognise this pattern and challenge any beliefs that are only making life feel harder, we can step more and more into a new comfort zone- one that is more comfortable holding space for more abundance, ease, and joy in our life. 

So where to start? Here are some ways to get started:

1.  Choose a room to do first, the one that inspires you most to clear. Then just go room by room.

2.  Choose a type of clutter to clear. For example: clear all paper clutter, all technology clutter, all clothing clutter, all photo clutter, all book clutter, and clear this way - by category. 

If you feel emotional about clearing, don’t give up, just work through the emotions and reach out for support. 

What clutter are you going to clear? What new possibilities are you excited to bring into your life? Please share below!