Live Your Purpose: How to Remove the Top 5 Roadblocks

From navigating my own creative path to watching and assisting others, I have learned to overcome 5 major road-blocks to fulfilling our life purpose. Read on for major obstacle removal tips. 

Create Your Dream.png

The 1st road-block: Not Being in touch with our purpose in the first place

If we are waffly about our direction in life, it’s hard to plant the seeds for the right causes and conditions to support our purpose. In a lot of cases, our indecision about our purpose stems from a fear of committing to it. If the dream feels big we think, but how will I do that? The solution? Receive the vision without asking how. Remember the famous Lao Tzu quote? “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” 

In the meantime, while deciding on our purpose, there is a way to move forward and not get stuck in indecision: by concentrating on the collective life purpose. As humans on this Earth, we share many things including a collective life purpose to embody universal love. We can focus on what it really means to love ourselves and others and when we are doing this, we are never ‘off-track’ in our lives. As we love ourselves more, a window opens to seeing and accepting our life purpose and we then commit to a way of following through with this purpose. 


The 2nd Roadblock: Procrastination 

What often comes with our dreams are various fears about failure, what others will think about us, and more. If we are not careful about not getting wrapped up in our mind’s stories about why now ‘just isn’t a good time’ to get started, we are likely to never fulfil our intention. If you really believe all of your mind's stories, you’ll get so tricked into believing that you can’t start now for this or that reason. This is a place where many people in the world are stuck and it's the phase where they are least likely to reach out for support, because they’ve let that conditioned part of them take over and that conditioned part’s main purpose is to stop you from leaving your comfort zone. It knows that getting coaching or support in moving forward would help you to step out of your comfort zone, so it also gives you stories about why you can’t get help or more support. 


The 3rd Roadblock: A lack of structure

Is your life purpose a career or a hobby that you just do ‘when you feel like it?’ Establishing a structure that also has room for spontaneity is key. If we don’t organise a calendar for how we are going to implement actions each week, our week happens ‘to us’ rather then us having control of the week and taking charge of our destiny each day. Set realistic goals for the year and separate those goals into four 90-day quarters that will give you the right amount of time to accomplish them. A calendar or schedule doesn’t confine you, it’s just a tool for awareness as to how to make time work for you.

The 4th Roadblock: A missing ‘inner core connection’

Take time each day to connect deeply within, to your innermost self. Meditation, breath practice, qi gong, yoga, art, and more can facilitate this if you bring the intent to it. The more deeply we connect to our core, the easier it is to follow through with our commitment and stay centered in our actions when faced with obstacles. You can also do this through daily writing about what you're doing/creating, why, and the steps you need to take now. 


The 5th Roadblock: Money Blocks

There is a long list of false beliefs around money that people are carrying and it is blocking them from receiving. So they struggle and struggle to get by and the more they struggle, the more they blame it on money. The fault is not with money, money is an energy that can be used for the benefit of the world. If we are struggling to receive money it’s simply a combination of two reasons: 

  1. We have negative beliefs around money that block us from receiving it. 

  2. We are clenching money too tightly and are not regularly giving money to causes that inspire us and will benefit others. This clenching blocks the flow of money just like a knot in a hose. 

I'd love to hear what roadblocks you have or are facing and how you get through them. Please share below!