Live Your Dream: How to use creative writing to step into your dream life now

Maybe you feel you have a clear idea of how you want to experience each day or maybe your desires feel fuzzy. Either way, if it's not occurring now for us, that means we haven't created the dream reality yet; we haven't stepped into the frequency of our ultimate dream day. Here is how you can do that and it's a process that is loads of fun ~ it involves writing your story and stepping into it.

A lot of times, people just journal to vent and write out what they are feeling bad about, but this is a very negative process that just keeps them in a cycle of negative emotions and venting. It doesn't challenge one to step into a new frequency where there is a more enjoyable reality. This process of venting rather babies and enables the victim approach to life - the approach of believing that life it happening to us rather than realising we are co-creators in our reality. Of course we need to see and accept whatever negativity is within us, yet if we don't have a tool to transform the emotions and create a new reality, we will just stay stuck in a place we don't enjoy. 

There is a writing process that will really rock your world. The process is to write your dream day, each day. Each day, you get to have special time all to yourself where you get clear on how you really want each day to look, be, and feel, down to the smallest detail. In writing this down, you are making this dream all the more real because you've commit pen to paper, and because the process of writing forces one to get very clear on their thoughts. By writing each day, you are continually reinforcing the reality that you truly desire. In writing only the reality you desire, and painting a consistent picture of it, you are stepping into the frequency of this dream reality. In choosing to recognise this dream as already here now, you allow the experiences that you don't want to be a part of to dissolve. 

Let's break down what a morning dream creating routine involves:

1. Connect to gratitude the moment you wake up. I once read that a positive person says, 'Good morning, God," while a negative person says, 'Good God it's morning.' Feel the difference? Find your inner smile, and being to say thanks to everything you are grateful in your life, the second you wake up.

2. Do a meditation to connect with you authentic self and your spiritual connection. This could range from 10 minutes to 40 minutes, and from meditations such as siting and breathing to qi gong etc. The important thing is to at least realise you always have at least 10 minutes to connect with your inner peace before you grab that iPhone and immerse yourself in the outer world. We need a firm connection to our core before we go out into the world whether we go out physically or technologically.  

3. Begin your daily writing of your dream day. As you write you are bringing this dream into reality. Enjoy how fun and real this is! Allow yourself to get more and more clear. How do you feel when you wake up? What time do you wake up? What kind of activities fill your day? Where do you live? What do you do for work and how much do you make? What color and thread count are your sheets? The details are as key as the big picture. Feel in your whole body that this is the truth and it is happening now. How do you feel? What qualities do you need to embody to step into the frequency of this reality?

4. Review your current 90 day goals and the 3 most important tasks for today. One trick I use is to write the 3 items of current priority on a post-it. I put that post-it on my computer and do nothing else until those 3 things are done! Take inspired action and stay focused. :)

5. As you move throughout your day, keep with you the images, feelings, being qualities, sounds, smells, etc. of this new life you are aligning with. Become who you need to be to align with this reality you wrote about! 

I'd love to hear your experiences in creating your dream reality! Please share below. 

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