How to Travel to Your Dream Destination

Recently, a friend and I were talking about meditation. He said: 

“I don’t see why I would start meditating, I’ve lived this much of my life just fine without it.”

I realised that this might be how many people who haven’t integrated meditation into their lives are thinking about it. 

If I offered you some cake, or a beer, (or pizza…), and you hadn't yet tried cake or beer (or lasagna…), so you decide to turn it down, (because after all, you’ve lived this long without it ;) ), your future self might be quite shocked! Your future self may try to communicate with you - as a distance voice in your head saying:

“You love cake! Especially chocolate! It brings so much fun and joy into your life. You even bake cakes now for friends as a way of expressing your love. Try it, because the longer you wait the more you will wonder why you didn't do this before!”

But we’re not taking about cake, beer, or guacamole. Although these things bring pleasure to day to day life and the cake above looks fun to eat ;). We are taking about something that benefits us infinitely more than material pleasures and that we can enjoy right alongside them.

Here’s why I meditate:

Meditation is a formal process of clearing the mind and body in a physical and energetic way, which results in joy, clarity, productivity, health, and true awakening of who we are and our path in life.

The people I encounter who really follow a path with meditation emit a presence that someone who does’t meditate just does not do. It’s the presence of someone who has been in touch with their true nature. It’s a presence that is almost superhuman because of their heightened ability to think quickly, creatively, and calmly. It’s a presence that is awakening to even be around because this person inhabits their entire being. 

Even if we’re a person with few troubles at the moment, when we encounter an individual with this kind of presence, it’s easy to imagine the whole new world we would enter if we too picked up this practice in a dedicated way. And perhaps that’s why we rationalise why we don’t want to meditate. The conditioned self is comfortable where it is, it just doesn’t want to change even if what’s on the other side of that transformation is what our Authentic self really wants. 

Contemplation throughout the day isn’t the same as meditation. 

Meditation is a formal structured process that is not the same as informal contemplation or daydreaming. While informal contemplation is boosted from the clarity gained in meditation, it cannot deliver the reduced stress, better memory, and awakened clarity of our true nature that real meditation can. Meditation also reduces or eliminates negative habits that informal contemplating alone can’t usually do. 

Labyrinth Meditation, one of the many types of compliments to sitting meditation. 

Labyrinth Meditation, one of the many types of compliments to sitting meditation. 

A lot of people are interested in psychedelics and new tools like sensory deprivation tanks, ajna light therapy, etc. in order to expand their consciousness and open their third eye center to see more clearly. But these are tools that, although can help if used wisely, cannot get us to a more constant state of expanded consciousness unless we also have a daily meditation practice. For example, if we want to be fluent in a language, we wouldn't just immerse ourselves for a week each year and then not even study outside of that week, right? No, we would dedicate ourselves for a time each day in addition to some immersions each year. On the surface, psychedelics and sensory deprivation tanks appear more exciting and shiny because they appeal to our instant gratification culture. However, if true expanded consciousness is what we seek, a focus on a committed daily meditation practice is the sure way. And because meditation actually makes us more productive, we have more than enough time each day to do this.

We can also look to the new scientific studies on meditation for further proof of its benefit in our lives. Numerous scientific studies from neuroscientists and highly recognised medical schools now show the positive effect meditation has on our brain waves, improving and restoring the brains functionality. Meditation is also linked to larger amounts of grey matter which leads to heightened focus, more positive emotions and longer-lasting emotional stability, as well as diminished effects of age on our cognitive functioning. 

Even more important than all of the scientific research of how meditation affects the brain is that meditation is a coming home. It’s how we come home to our true self and become grounded in our soul. Meditation washes away all of the false personalities and beliefs we have taken on over the years so that we can live the life we truly dream of. And isn't our true nature the ultimate dream destination?

I'd love to hear about how meditation has been a part of your life, please share below!

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