QUIZ: Are You Standing in the Way of Your Own Dreams?

"She knew the power of her mind and so programmed it for success."  ~ Carrie Green

Have you been in touch with a vision for your life? Are you frustrated with slow or no progress toward fulfilling this dream?

Why not get clear on what could be standing in your way? Take the quiz below and finally start to see what's stopping you from experiencing the life you really want.

QUIZ: Choose the multiple choice answer that fits best for each question.

1. I have a clear vision around what my most fulfilling life looks like and I see this same vision each day.

A) YES! 

B) I have clarity around some areas but less around other facets of life.

C) My vision changes daily around what I want for my life.

D) My vision feels blocked. I have little to no idea what my dreams are.

2. I take an action each day to move closer to either clarity around my dream or fulfilling my clear dream.

A) YES, I am an action-machine! I pursue my dream with passion and inspiration each day. 

B) I take action most days, but sometimes I get discouraged and miss a day.

C) I just take action once in a while when I feel very inspired.

D) I am too busy or undecided to take action. 

3. I surround myself with reminders of my goals and my purpose, and people who are supportive of my vision.

A) Everyone I spend time with has the ability to see me fulfilling my most wild and creative dreams. I keep a vision board, a life purpose statement, and daily affirmation statements around me at all times. I never loose sight of the path. 

B) Once in a while, I get down and out and don't use these helpful tools. In these times, I feel drawn to reach out for help from people I know can't offer the support that I need. 

C) Once in a while I get inspired and use these tools but after a day or two, all of the inspirational notes disappear into a pile of cluttered desk papers. I have very few people in my life that inspire me to believe in myself and my biggest dreams. 

D) I don't have the time or clarity to use these tools. The people I spend time with are more negative, stuck, or closed-minded and so they can't support my big vision for my life. I rarely share my dream with them because they will likely shut it down.

4. I am aware of how I use my time each day.

A) I have an organised calendar and block out times each week to pursue my goals. I know these time commitments are important promises I'm making to myself and I see them through. I use time productively with clarity, awareness, and ease. 

B) Most of the time I am focused and using my time in a smart and balance way. However, sometimes I get uninspired and then I find my way back on track after a day or two. 

C) A few times a month I get so inspired and I seem to get more done in a day than in a whole week. But then, I somehow lose the momentum. 

D)  I have no idea where the time goes. I'm so busy but to be honest, there is little to show for it. 

5. My environment is highly conducive to supporting the fulfillment my dreams.

A) I love and enjoy the city and country that I've chosen to live in. I also love my clutter-free space because the items and people in it all have such positive inspiring energy. My home is a sanctuary and place where I feel inspired to continually pursue my most wild and creative dreams

B) The city and country I'm living in is a great fit, but I can see that my space could be more supportive to dream fulfilment and I would like to access more tools to improve my space.

C) I love my space but I would prefer to live in another city or country  - or - I love to city I live in but I really don't enjoy my home.

D)  I don't like where I live but I don't know how or where to move. My space feel messy and/or uninspiring - it is not at all reflective of who I really am.

Add up how many A's, B's, C's, and D's you have. If you have mostly A's, good for you, you are making it happen and are most likely always looking for more ways to go full-speed ahead in a clear and balanced way. If you have mostly C's or D's, there is no need for discouragement. Be kind with yourself and have compassion because we all experience times when movement is harder. The wonderful news is that you care enough about moving forward to do this quiz and see things as they truly are.

Whatever your quiz answers look like, pick an area that is lagging behind and ask yourself how you can improve it and decide when you will take this action and do it! 

I'd love to hear below how the quiz was for you and what actions it has triggered :). 

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