Will Traveling be Your Destiny Next Year?

Have you always wished there was a way to stay in a different country for more than just a few weeks? Would you love to experience a different culture for a year or even more? Learn the language, eat their food, and experience a different perspective on life? Do you dream of doing this but feel unsure how to go about it or want support for the process? I happen to know many creative ways you can make this happen, no matter your income, career path, or age!

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Twice now I have moved abroad for long amounts of time - I've packed up my things and placed myself in a new country with a totally different culture and language. I doubt this will be the last time I do this and each time everyone I mention it to says how much they would love to do the same. What's interesting is that even though all of these individuals talk about how much they would love to move abroad they act like they don't have the same means that I do to follow their dream.  This sparked an idea in me, to reach out to you who dreams of moving abroad either temporarily or permanently because I can help you make this happen. I can also support you during your transition and through all the culture shock and waves you'll ride during your stay. It's an adventure you'll never regret and if you have a coach during it you'll be taking action to have an experience that is off the charts - more fulfilling than you can now imagine. That's what having a guide on the adventure can do for you. The world is your oyster. What kind of adventure will you create?

A pic from the south of Italy where I recently spent 3 months.    

A pic from the south of Italy where I recently spent 3 months. 


Teaching English is one of the ways you can live abroad while earning money. My first move abroad was to Japan where I taught English for one and a half years. When I first realized the idea, I didn't know how I was going to do it but I sure as heck told everyone I was. I just said clearly and factually to everyone I talked to: "I'm moving to Japan, I'm going to teach English there." It was May when I started saying that and began researching the logistics. I knew I was leaving in August and I never doubted that, even though it wasn't until sometime in July that I actually had a job lined up. When I think back to this time and all of the different life experiences I and others I met who were also living abroad, I realize what a crucial time it is to have support. Not only was everyone going through culture shock and the isolation of a new culture where they couldn't speak the language, they were also making really critical life decisions - and trying to work out these decisions all on their own. Many individuals who teach English abroad are in their 20's (although you are never too old to do this), they've recently graduated from college and they're undecided on their life purpose. Traveling and teaching English is a great thing to do while soul searching, however we can't just assume that this alone will align us with our purpose in life. Traveling souls benefit from a sense of purpose while on their adventure so that they don't end up feeling like lost wanderers or end up with regrets. If teaching English interests you, I have lots of information for you. One of the best places to get TEFL certified is TEFL Toulouse in France: http://www.tefltoulouse.com

If you have a mobile office, something that is becoming more and more possible now, Airbnb isn't the only way to find the right place to stay. As a Feng Shui consultant I do advise some care in your choice of where to stay for a while as it can really impact your life. Another place to look is at Swap My Office: https://www.swapmyoffice.com

Remote Year is another amazing option if you have a more flexible job, or one that will give you some flexibility for one year. It's a program for working nomads where you travel the world as a group while working at the same time for one year. Really one of the best ideas, I wish I'd thought of it!! 

During the time I lived in Japan I had recently entered the world of tools for living a life of bigger consciousness. I had started yoga, meditation, and was reading about healthy eating though macrobiotics. Yet, I still hadn't expanded into the realm of having a life coach to support me. I often think back to how much this would have helped me then and I don't just say that because I am now a coach myself. The funny thing is that I remember one day stumbling onto a life coaches' website. These were the days when having a life coach was quite a new phenomenon and seeing this woman's website was a stepping stone for me...I wasn't quite ready for the expansion yet but it helped me start to 'register' the idea and about a year later I began a journey with a coach that transformed my life. 

Wherever you are on your journey right now, the important thing to remember is that you always have options. When you get a spark of inspiration, you can choose to follow it and when limiting beliefs come up, you can see them for what they are and leave them in the dust. 

What dream will you empower yourself to embark on next year? Will it be travel? Moving to another country? Or maybe you will travel the depths of your mind right from your current abode? How will you expand your horizons next year? I'd love for you to share with me below: