Energy Healing: A magical journey with Reiki (and cats!)

I do several forms of energy medicine and I can’t imagine my life without having been attuned to Reiki. I use Reiki nearly every day as part of my self-care routine. It’s a wonderful way to nourish my body and mind while lying down before I fall asleep at night, as a way to gently wake up in the morning, or as a mid-day quick rejuvenation. When I place my hands, using Reiki, on different parts of my body, I literally feel and even sometimes hear different systems of my body re-adjusting to come back into harmony after how they might have come out of their best functioning after the stress of life. A block or tightness in my throat might clear, a tightness in my abdomen or digestive system relaxes. It’s that mysterious life-force energy that creates the world. Life-force energy has many facets and uses and there is a very healing form of this energy, called Reiki, that we can tap into to heal ourselves and others. 

Recently, I’ve been doing Reiki sessions, both in-person and via distance for someone’s very sweet cat who’s been having a digestive issue. He had been having very intense episodes of vomiting and his human didn’t want to have to put him on steroids if she didn't have to but at this point it was close to the only solution. I did 3 sessions with him and the kitty cat had not one vomiting episode for 3 weeks! Recently he had one again and that was a signal that I needed to continue to give him support …. he was doing so well I’d thought maybe he didn't need anymore sessions! The healing with this cat is still in process but the evidence that Reiki helps is clear. Cats are so receptive to Reiki energy. It’s really amazing to watch because if they need it, they know and they will come near you to receive when you offer the session. They often lie down and close their eyes while receiving the healing. Their body might also move in different ways as the energy moves through the body and different systems rebalance. The cat then often gets up and leaves when it’s had enough. Would you expect any different from a cat ;)? 

Owen, the very sweet cat the I worked with using Reiki

Owen, the very sweet cat the I worked with using Reiki

Here’s another cat story, but do note that other domesticated animals can also be very receptive to Reiki. Some animals who haven’t had enough love and attention in life can really try to hog the Reiki energy and not want the healer to stop at all. I once met a cat who had a huge over-eating problem and was also very over-weight. He was a very neglected cat. When I offered Reiki, he instantly started purring very loudly and couldn't get close enough to me. It seemed like he could have stayed there all day like this. I didn’t have the opportunity to see this cat again but I believe that Reiki could have helped him find love from within and so he would have then had less trouble over-eating and eventually not as needing of the Reiki, especially if their human had learned to tend to him more with loving attention.

I’m sure what led me to study Reiki is the powerful first session I had with it. I’ll never forget meeting a retired school teacher in a very humble spare room in a chiropractors office in St. Paul, Minnesota. She was a grandmotherly figure and I revealed to her some of the obstacles I was having in my life. But little did I know how much grief I was holding inside. And when she started with my eyes, using the Reiki energy, I was overcome by uncontrollable tears. As she added my throat, strange sounds belched out to match the tears. So much held-in grief that I hadn’t allowed myself to feel was released. This actually took up most of the session and she quickly brushed Reiki over the rest of my body. As the session ended and I sat up, she looked at me and said “I think you should look in the mirror.” I went to the bathroom and looked at myself. It may have been the first time that I saw a reflection of my most true self - my essence. I did indeed look quite different - my face was so rejuvenated, like I’d just slept for years. But yet I didn't look different, I looked more like me than I ever had. In this life we fill our days running around and let so much stress accumulate that we look more and more strange and contorted as we age. What a priceless experience to look in the mirror and just see me. My essence. My power. For that moment free from my baggage and connected truly to who I am. The other side of the looking glass looking back at me and revealing me, an image that I could keep seeing if I continued on my path of healing and self-realisation.  

Years later I found myself in several Reiki classes, getting attuned to Reiki from beautiful strong healer women. When I learned Qi Gong, the effect was even more powerful because I could turn the Reiki energy on while doing the Qi Gong and I’d already learned to be sensitive enough to feel energy. I still get distracted on my path as we all do. But the more rooted and attuned I become to my internal navigation system, the less distractions I have and the shorter they become; and the more connected I feel to the essence I saw looking back at me in the mirror. 

Keep on healing. Keep on breathing. Let go of distractions and come home to you.

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