FOR THE CURIOUS: Kristin's Credentials
  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Visual Art, University of St. Thomas, 2000- 2005
  • Reiki Level 1, 2009
  • Green River Dance for Global Somatics 1400 hour Practitioner program focusing on energy healing including Reiki and movement therapy, 2011-2013
  • Certified Holistic Coach, Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy, 2013
  • Feng Shui Consultant, New York School of Feng Shui, 2014
  • Access Bars, Access Consciousness Healing Modality, 2015
  • Qi Gong Universal Healing Tao Instructor, Master Mantak Chia, Thailand, 2016
  • Trasmormational Breathwork Teacher Trainings for groups, couples, and individuals, John Paul Crimi, Los Angeles, CA

Hi! I'm Kristin. I hold a powerful space for others to step into a continuing unfolding of blessings in their life, dreams, and goals.

I love to sit down in the sun with a cup of tea, and study, read or create. I love to feel inspired. I love to challenge myself to break through the illusion of barriers and gallop ahead on the path of Freedom. I love to completely immerse myself in different cultures and open my mind to new ideas. I love connecting with animals, nature, and children. I love to challenge what's real and the capacity of our power to create.

I've been exploring the healing arts since 2004, through yoga, meditation, qi gong, and receiving multiple sessions from different therapists, coaches, healers and bodyworkers. I know some are curious exactly what I've studied and where, so that's listed on the left. Although I'm going to work on your goals and dreams with you, accomplishments are secondary to inner peace and physical health. I've lived on wealthy incomes and low incomes, I've been in great health and life-threatening health, I've felt complete bliss and surrender and I've felt hopelessly depressed and full of anxiety. What I learned was that my self-worth and joy had little to do with external circumstances. I also learned that if I didn't invest in my health, I risked unfulfilled dreams and potential. Furthermore, if I wasn't connected to my authentic self and in touch with my innate sense of self-worth, any accomplishment or skill I obtained would be a band-aide.

The path to being fully present and feeling in alignment with our true nature takes dedication in today's busy distracted world. I'm grateful I came to connect with my own internal guidance system as well as tools for healing any emotions that weren't serving any good. Healing my past to find my true self, transforming my health, and cultivating compassion are my most prized 'accomplishments.'

There have been many teachers and coaches in my life. Traveling has been one of these teachers. I've observed. I've lived in the US, Japan, France, and Italy and traveled to even more places. I've watched and worked with children, adults, and elderly. I've listened to a variety of different religious and spiritual teachings. I've studied (and continue to study) with healers and teachers from all over the world. From all of this my life has come to center around sharing with others the very tools that helped me balance my emotions and health in order to be fully present for life so that I could shine brighter and contribute more to the world. Does that sound like a way you'd like to live?